Questions to Ponder.....Feel Free to add your Own!

Can Sam maybe get a Graduate Transfer or two at OL?

Will Jim Cheney resign from Tennessee to come work w Sam?

And what offense will be run, will Sam go to the RPO/spread like 85% of CFB? :sunglasses:

Chaney would not be a good hire, in my view. He wasn’t good here, pushed him to Pittsburgh, went to Georgia and now to Tennessee. Enos was much better with the quarterbacks and play calling, I thought.

That’s right, forgot about Enos. Worked w Pittman the one year, Dan still working for Saban.
Don’t know how they got along, Pittman left 1 year after Cheney left.

Got to have a STRONG QB COACH, not just a good OC.

There were unconfirmed reports that Sam didn’t like Enos’ offense, but I don’t know if there was any basis in fact to those rumors. The one year they were together was the best offense of the Bielema period.

How is Sam at managing a staff?

What is his in game decision making like?

What type of offense does he prefer?


Given that he’s a career position coach and not a P5 HC prospect anywhere else , are we getting him on the cheap so we can hire elite coordinators and staff?

Those are not unconfirmed. He said that during an interview, of which I was one of the people there and wrote about it at the time.

He specifically said they were going East and West too much and not going North and South enough.

I thought Dan did a pretty good job, but I recall he did like his trick plays.

Why would he not like the Enos led offense - wasn’t 2015 offense the best post Petrino?

Okay, not disputing him, or you, but the one year they worked together they went north and south for 35 points and 468 yards a game. Seems the partnership worked even if they didn’t see eye to eye on the approach. But if Sam doesn’t like DE’s offense, so be it.

Will he hire more than likely an OC or DC that he will groom to be the next Head Hog? Appears he might be a stop gap or a bridge for maybe three years?

Just MHO. I would love to see us keep Traylor and Steeps. Hire Lashlee as OC and Charlie Strong as DC. Would make a magical staff and recruiting would be off the charts

Groom Lashlee to be the next Head Hog?

Will he focus too much on the trenches and forget about back-end speed? This is one of the big things that went wrong with CBB. We must still recruit and develop SEC speed.

I doubt it , Georgia has had incredible speed while he’s been there, he knows the value.

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Good one Doc! You are paying attention. yeah, SP very familiar w the SEC .