Questions re recruiting strategy for catcher

Will the staff try to bring in two high-level transfers and let them duke it out to see who plays or will they try to bring in one high-level transfer and a lesser one to handle mid-week games? Is it difficult to recruit multiple catchers in the same year out of the portal?

Arkansas has recruited multiple catchers out of the portal in the same year. It happened before the 2021 season. It helped that both were friends and wanted to play together. Both ended up going pro when Casey Opitz did not get drafted and decided to come back.

Van Horn didn’t want to talk about the areas they were targeting in the portal when I asked him about it the other day, but I don’t see any way two aren’t brought in. There are no catchers that I know of in the 2022 signing class. There are three in the 2023 class. I guess the option exists that one of those might reclassify like Dylan Leach did and come early.

Other than for depth, why more than one catcher?

Arkansas does not have any returning catchers for next season. Max Soliz can play the position in an emergency situation. The Razorbacks need to add two or three catchers for next year.

Sorry if this has been answered, but with that fact, why do you think the backup transferred out?

Based on his family’s social media posts throughout the season, it didn’t seem like they were too happy with his playing time.

Many family members and close friends often do the athletes no favors by posting every running thought throughout a season. Just because you can post a message on social media, even if it is factual, doesn’t mean you should.


Amen. Playing time is earned. Coaches can be wrong (McEntire probably proved he belonged in the lineup earlier than he was), but coaches play their best players. Leach got quite a bit of PT, but he was not as good as Turner. He should not have been playing more than he was. Turner is gone. The question is whether Leach would be the catcher next year.

I have no idea if he was told he’d be better off transferring or if he was told he’d get the chance to be the started next season. Regardless, family & friends who wanted him to play more regardless of merit did him no favors by publicly complaining about it. (Caveat: I haven’t seen any such complaints, but I trust Matt, so if there were…)

Some of the tweets from his Mama were beyond the pale. They not only burned bridges but they used napalm to do it.

Oh really? I didn’t know that. Not smart. But if that’s the case, it’s good he’s gone. Not because of him, but I still remember Beck Mustain (or whatever her last name was.). Interfering parents are not good for any team anywhere.

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Not good. I know parents of a former player. Privately they were not happy at times but only family or close friends would know.

A couple of points.

  1. We don’t know if any promises were previously made by the coaching staff and later not honored.
  2. As a player, you need playing time to best improve. Can’t improve your game sitting on the bench.
    Now, we need a couple of catchers. Ouch.
    UA…Campus of Champions

Whether it is one or two, Hogs will be fine. One of best programs in country , conferences , fanbases, facilities and lot’s opportunities if you are good enough to handle all that goes with that. That is the way it is in sports today.

You just hope that Arkansas is never in position to need a relief pitcher to play catcher (again).

Was it Colby Suggs who did that?

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