Questions on BB schedule

I noticed there is no TV (streaming or reg tv) for @ Indiana, or @ W KY. The Valpo game at NLR is showing no TV, but I think that is always the case. The GA Tech game is showing only the ACC network.

Do we expect TV to pick up the Indiana game and the W KY game? Does “Watch ESPN” show games on the ACC Network?


The Indiana game is going to be on Big Ten Network but a time has not been announced. I expect that will be done soon.

There will be no TV or live stream of the Valpo game in North Little Rock. That is because a network did not pick it up.

ACC Network is available on the ESPN app, but whether you are able to watch will depend on your carrier. I have ACC Network through Hulu, so I can access ACC Network games on the ESPN app.

CBS Sports Network will televise the Western Kentucky game.

Thanks Matt. Arkansas needs to update their schedule. I get the Big Ten network on UVerse and should be able to get the GA Tech game through ROKU.

It just seems like the games at NLR are never on TV. I’m guessing they don’t have the capabilities like Bud Walton Arena for making those games easy to televise on the SEC Network.

The games in North Little Rock are technically part of Arkansas’ home schedule, which gives TV rights to ESPN affiliates, including SEC Network and SEC Network-Plus. A third party cannot televise the game, so if the game is not picked up by an ESPN network, it falls on Arkansas to take care of televising independently, just like it does with a lot of games in Fayetteville.

It is no problem to televise a game in Fayetteville because the university spent millions of dollars putting in infrastructure across campus when SEC Network launched in 2014. That is not in place in North Little Rock. I’ve spoken to some people in the industry who have told me that for Arkansas to independently televise a game from there it would cost in the neighborhood of $40,000-$50,000. That far exceeds the value of the game.

A side effect is that the game becomes exclusive to Little Rock-area ticket buyers, which drives up ticket sales. Not only is it the only game in town each year, but the only way to see it is to be in attendance.

I checked about tickets at the time they first went on sale. There was not a single lower level (25 rows and down) sideline ticket available. I guess those are given, before they go on sale to the public, to Little Rock Merchants now that help support the arena? I remember 8-12 years ago, if I got on line right away, I could get sideline tickets 4 or 5 rows from the floor.

Harley, Razorback Foundation Donors had the option to buy NLR tickets before they were made available to the general public.

I got mine the first day.

Lower level tickets also go to Bud Walton season ticket holders. I usually end up with seats a few rows right behind the visitor’s bench.

I will never forget watching and listening to Bobby Knight talk to the team during timeouts. It was lively And colorful when Arkansas took the lead in the second half. I suspect Muss will have the same intensity as Bobby.

Watch party at Matt’s place! I’ll bring dip and chips.:grin:

Bring an extra couch.

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