Questions, I have questions

Let me preface this by saying Arkansas played two teams today, the SEC Referees and also Auburn.

  1. Where oh where has our Defense gone? Doesn’t seem as though we have the same schemes as we did before Georgia.

  2. Suggestion, not question: let’s don’t go for two any more this year.

  3. Why wouldn’t you throw to Treylon Burks at least once every other series? (I would throw to him once a series, but that’s me.). I just feel we’re underutilizing an astonishing talent. Is it just me?

  4. This is the first time in the Pittman era I feel disappointed and let down. We’re at least as good as Auburn (and Ole Miss). What’s missing? Killer instinct?

(Warning: spleen vent follows)

WT ACTUAL F is it with the SEC Referees when it comes to Arkansas/Auburn and Arkansas/Florida? Everybody bitches about them vs Alabama because their coddling of Bama is obvious. UGA is never going to get a call against Bama.

What is it with us and egregious calls, SEC? I’ve been watching football for 6 decades and I know what a freaking CATCH looks like!!! I also know that 10 feet over the heads of the players is “uncatchable”. Off course, there’s also the matter of horrible spots…

When TIM TEBOW thinks you’re being hosed….

These guys need to be suspended or fired. It is UNACCEPTABLE.


Perfectly said.


How could the best college football conference in America have some of the worst refs in the business? The Commissioner should do something about this. This is not acceptable.


Also admit: I, as always, allowed myself to let expectations soar. That’s on me.


And ironic, coming from TT.

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I think the commissioner is getting what he wants out of the conference so why change.

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Nothing wrong with that. I still think every remaining game is winnable. No2 Iowa lost to Purdue by 17….


We are beat up. That’s the biggest problem. Catalon’s injury cost us the last 2 games.

And, people will call it sour grapes and that we just have to play better, but we were abused by the refs, today.

When all the announcers and the replay official are at a loss, it’s ridiculous. And, it happens consistently.

It’s not right, but it won’t change. And, our brass has too much class to publicly call it what it often is—game deciding. It certainly was, today.

Our defense is a shell of itself right now. Catalon and bishop didn’t play today. In their place were to former walkons who did pretty well in blair and Clark.

In addition we didn’t have a lot of depth.

Going for 2 is analytical just like 4th down. I like it. It is the pa Bruin way sneaking into the game.

To make burka truly effective others have to get targets and perform otherwise they simply double even triple burks.

Referees were terrible but we were 3-4 mistakes from winning anyway.

Last week it was our fumble this week it was the ref’s on the field and the replay idiots giving the ball back to Auburn and the refs calling some PI’s that were out of this world on the hogs and them swallow their whistle when Auburn committed the same PI!
It’s consistent and sorry and by the way why would the SEC office schedule the same sorry crew to put the screws to the hogs again this year? There’s only one reason they were wanting the result that happened! Stankey is a spineless punk and if his lips are moving his it lying!
It just means more what a joke!

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Message received. Links to my previous comment reinforcing your thoughts. The rot starts at the top.

Got to give Tebow some credit, but he didn’t raise a voice of concern when he benefitted from the worst called game in SEC history helping him beat the Hogs. How did the game qualify for that? The entire officiating crew was suspended by the SEC office… first and last time it has ever happened.

I do think Burks is the No. 1 option on most pass plays and that probably does come out to one or more targets per possession. Just because a ball doesn’t go in his direction does not mean Jefferson does not look that direction. If he’s double covered, probably going somewhere else. I understand your thought. I think most of us think the same thing: Throw it to Burks.

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