Questions for the next podcast? (updated with link)

Bob and I are taping another tomorrow afternoon.

Here it is: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … e-mailbag/”></LINK_TEXT>

What are reasonable expectations for CJ Jones as far as PPG, 3pt%? i.e. How close can he get to replacing Dusty’s production?

What are Bob Holt’s greatest memories covering the basketball team?

Jimmy I’m excited but a little worried about our numbers. I’m assuming Khalil won’t play which is what I’m hearing from up there. Along with with Jalen Harris who is sitting out, that is two of our 13 scholarship players unavailable. Then you have Cook who may be back but hasn’t been practicing. I think Gabe is a developmental player who won’t get many minutes. That leaves 9, 10 with Cook. We can’t afford any injuries with Mike’s style. Thoughts?

What do you think about our non-conference games? Feel like Bucknell, Fresno State, and Colorado State are sneakily tough games. Also, what do you think about our 3-point shooting across the board?

Thanks, guys. Good stuff. About to record in a few.

I read this a little too late. But, I’d like to hear you guys discuss lineups and possible rotations, and kinda give a break down on how you think the minutes will work this year.

Didn’t see this until just now. We finished, but I talked about it a bit. Will definitely hit on this more next week after we’ve seen an exhibition. I’ve got some ideas and have a long piece about it Thursday, but having a (sort-of) real game to go off of will help inform that more.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … e-mailbag/”></LINK_TEXT>