Questions for practice observers

I know it’s early, but who seems to have the upperhand at PG and PF for minutes?

As you say it’s too early to say anything definitively, but Jaylen Barford as point guard is as close as you can come to a lead pipe cinch as PG.

I assume by framing the second part of your inquiry the way you did you see Kingsley at center. There’s probably at least an outside chance that they would like for Kingsley to play PF, with Cook or Thompson at Center. More likely, I think, is Kingsley at Center, but it’s far too early for me to judge among Cook, Thompson and Thomas at PF. That may not be decided for a while into the season.

Thanks for your insight, Dog. I can definitely see Kingsley being able to handle the PF if Thompson is one our best five, which would not be surprising. One problem might be that our best five might make for a difficult rotation.


Two problems might be enough size off the bench and enough perimeter shooting in the second unit. Size could be flipped to an advantage if the second unit goes into full scramble mode. Can Watkins, Cook, Jones, Beard, Thomas, Hazen, Bailey, and or Glasper score enough so that the offense does not stagnate? Our best five, of course, need not start the game. I’m hoping depth is sufficient so that failed launches aren’t much of an issue regardless of who starts.

I want to see more of Jones, Hazen, Cook, Bailey and Glasper together. I think there is more scoring potential in that group than we may be giving them credit for.