Questions for podcast, Week 3

Send in your questions for this week’s podcast, if you have them. We’re working on a way for you to submit them by voice; just not quite there yet.

This week my guests are Chuck Barrett and Phil Elson, who will talk about the art of baseball broadcasting. I’m looking forward to that discussion.

Also, Eric Sorenson from will talk about what he saw in person at Arkansas’ series vs. Southern Cal.

Will Reserve Catcher Stanley play or redshirt this season? (Before the season started you said he could DH or pinch hit).

Also, last week my question was, who are the fastest 2-3 on the team. Have you asked that question?

We talked about the speed last week on the podcast. It’s funny you ask that today, though, because I talked to Casey Martin a little about it this afternoon. He said the fastest on the team are in this order: himself, Trevor Ezell and Christian Franklin.

Martin said they actually have races sometimes in practice. The recorded 30-yard-dash times are: Martin 3.61, Ezell 3.62 and Franklin 3.65.

On Stanley, I’m not sure if he will play this year. He has a really good swing, but I don’t know that there are enough roster spaces for him once conference play begins.

Scroggins was unexpectedly very very impressive in his start does that change the way we look at him as far as being a starter. Kjerstad is off to a very slow start and seems to be swing at pitches out of the zone are they concerned about this start considering he didn’t hit at all in the exhibition games.

In my day, we tracked home to home times. Do they still do that? If so, I’d be interested in knowing their times.

Van Horn mentioned in his interview today that in games 1 and 2 of the USC series, Opitz played as well as any catcher he has seen at this level. That is extremely high praise from him, and I think anyone who watched those games wouldn’t argue with him. I’d like to hear about what all he brings to the table, the extent to which he is calling pitches, and what his ceiling looks like both here and draft wise.
Also, I know that pitch counts will increase as the season goes on, but is there some thought that we might see shorter starts all season because of a deeper than normal bullpen, sort of like Texas tech did last season?

Thanks as always.

Who is regarded as “the next guy in” for the infield? Also, is there somewhere that lists the pitches that each pitcher throws? For instance as i watch them pitch i don’t know if they are throwing a slider, cut fastball or something else. Thanks

I’m not sure if there is or not. I’m working on something for later in the year about pitches. Perhaps it is something I can assemble.

I think there might be something to that. The sense I get right now is that Van Horn wants his older pitchers on the back end and for younger pitchers like Noland and Wicklander to start. The leash might be shorter with them, especially if Campbell can save the bullpen with a long outing in the opening game of the series.

It makes sense if, like you said, we can get Campbell to eat up 6-7 innings in game one so we have a surplus of arms the rest of the series. I read a pretty interesting piece on fivethirtyeight about relief pitchers’ performance based on the number of innings thrown, and I think another key point that Silver hints at but doesn’t discuss in earnest (because it is tough to quantify) is the effect that the expected number of innings pitched or batters faced by the reliever before the outing begins has on pitching performance. I disagree with his opinion that better pitching is ruining baseball, but I enjoyed reading his stat breakdown. … to-fix-it/