Questions for insiders.

With all of the injuries at corner can this still be an area of improvement of is it too early to tell?

What are the feelings about this OL, do you see a lot of rotating on the right side?

I don’t think there are a lot of significant injuries in the secondary. There is one: Britto Tutt’s ACL. Jared Collins has a broken hand and DJ Dean has a hamstring injury, but it doesn’t look like either is going to miss any playing time. Collins is still practicing and Dean should be back by Tuesday. Those are injuries that players play through all the time.

I think the secondary will be improved, but as I’ve said for a few weeks, how much is yet to be seen. There are experienced players there, so this would a year to have some success.

As for the offensive line, my guess is this group of five from today will probably be the starting five against Louisiana Tech. But I think the right side, especially tackle, will continue to be evaluated in practice - and perhaps even the games - after the season begins.

Austin Allen has dissected the first-team defense the last 2 weeks in the scrimmages. Of note, the corners have played more press/closer to the line. I may be forgetting one, but I can’t remember any PBUs either week for the first-team D. Obviously the QB isn’t live, so the DL being able to hit and there being a threat of getting sacked changes the dynamics quite a bit, but there haven’t been many plays on the ball made so far, which is a credit to Allen’s placement (because WRs haven’t generally been wide open), but also sort of gives you pause about the secondary. I do think the pass rush will change it for sure, but I’m interested to see how much.

I still wouldn’t rule out Jalen Merrick getting a shot on the right side at some point. Not sold on Colton Jackson, but he does look better on the right side.

Is Wallace not gonna be a fit at tackle, is he more of a guard?

He worked at LT today and struggled in pass protection. He’s clearly got physical ability, but just hasn’t put it together so far. Still really young.