Questions for hoops podcast

Hey guys, Blake and I are kicking off our basketball podcast tomorrow afternoon. We’re planning to record in Bud Walton Arena and get it up as soon as we can. Respond here with some questions and we’ll get to as many as we can. Thanks!

How much weight/strength has Gafford gained.
Has Gafford improved his face up jumper.
Who will emerge to play crunch time PF minutes.
Is Isaiah Joe ready to provide starter minutes and at least 10 ppg. I think he is?

How is Phillip’s rehab going?

Who are the outside threats this year?

Is Gafford and/or Harris being the leaders this young team needs? - Edit, actually went to ESPN and they’ve got a question and answer session posted with CMA and Gafford, and Gafford answered the question.

Is Mason Jones going to make an instant impact the way Barford and Macon did straight out of junior college? Or is more likely that it will take a year before he really gets going, kind of like Jabril Durham did?

Do you think Adrio Bailey’s game has developed to the point that he can effectively play small forward? Or does it look like he will continue to be an undersized power forward for his entire career?