Questions for Dudley

A couple of days ago you posted something about Razorback BB targets getting offered money to play at other universities and said you wouldn’t mention names. I understand why. Would you tell us if any of these targets were from the state of Arkansas?

Also, with all of this FBI stuff going on, how do you think this will play out? I want to believe some things will change but I’m not convinced the NCAA will do much. I’d like to know what you think will or could actually happen.

As a old time coach once said Cleveland State will get probation. This, pay to play, has been going on for a long long time and the NCAA knows about it. Only difference now is that the FBI is involved in it and saying that it is criminal. Heck the great Eddie Suttion was caught having a package of money delivered to a player when he was at Kentucky.

The NCAA will punish teams like Cleveland State but not a blue blood!
Nothing will change the NCAA will change the rules before they punish a blue blood.