Questions After Today?

  1. Why are we going for 4th down when we are in FG range? Have we completely lost faith in Little past the 30 yard line? We missed the early one but there were two more chances in the middle of the game that could’ve put more pressure on Auburn.
  2. Didn’t like the go for 2 decision or the play call. I wonder whose analytics they’re following on that one. These going for 4th down & 2 point deals are deflating to team when we fail on them.
  3. Where was the option read run on the edge today with option to pitch to the RB? We seemed to force it right up the middle too much with only some success with some counters.
  4. Hope our DL redshirting blossom this off-season bc we didn’t seem to put any pressure on Nix today with current bunch.
  5. Why did we drop back in our own end zone to throw when they recovered the fumble? Run it & get some room to punt! Then we run on seemingly every 1st down?
  6. KJ has got to keep his feet under him better throwing to eliminate these high throws & improve accuracy. I love his heart & competitiveness but needs to improve throwing going forward.

#6–KJ doesn’t move his feet in the pocket. Has he been taught to throw this way, or is this something we reasonably may expect to improve over time-like this year, not next?

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Pittman believes his team should be able to get a yard on fourth down. That was the reason for the first attempt on fourth down. Had they converted, they might have scored a TD and taken the lead.

I think the second fourth down attempt was the result of Little missing a field goal from almost the exact same spot on the field earlier in the game.

I understood the two-point attempt, especially with the trouble the team had moving the ball on the Auburn side of the field. Getting within a field goal there potentially could have been a big development.

Linebackers were taking away the sweeps and option pitch plays. That is why we could run up middle.

Talent has to continue to get better.

When next eeek and then 2 of last 4. What Vegas projected

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