Questions about the transfer portal

Is it simply a shop-and-swap type site and is it voluntary?
Is it just for P5, FCS?
It must be voluntary because I assume Cole Kelley simply said I’m transferring to Southeest Louisiana and Fields simply said I’m transferring Ohio State? Or did they have to enter the portal as well?

Portal is a Media term. Writers are using it to indicate a player is listed in the NCAA database listing those who will transfer.

My take on it anyways…there ain’t no stinking portal! :wink:

Maybe it’s like that Science Fiction movie I saw…when KB goes to enroll at Mizzou, he will enter the Portal and be there instantly!

A school is required to enter the player’s name into the transfer database within two days of an athlete informing the school of his/her desire to transfer. It is for all of Division I, including FCS.

The portal, as it has become known, was designed to eliminate a coach’s ability to block communication with certain schools. The NCAA revoked coaches’ permission to block transfers last year.