Questions about the Jawja game

I spent Saturday hiking Lost Valley with my dad and sons. man, that is such a great part of our state. Eden falls was running pretty well, too. Only cut my scalp once in the cave, so better than usual.

so by the time we get back to the land of cell-phone reception, I heard the score. yikes! called my bro-in-law, who went to the game, to ask if I should even watch the game when I got home. He said:“no, it was the worst half of football we’ve ever played, it was like chad morris-bad. the team just didn’t show up”.

He mentioned the blocked punt and the penalties. neither of us have been fans of Briles, and he said that he predicted most of our offensive plays, including 6 in a row at one point. said we just will not use the middle of the field-like at all.

so the 2 questions I have for the board are, was the offense really that predictable? and did any backups get to play-notably frosh LB’s and young OL???

thanks, I’ll hang up and listen.


When you can’t block anybody it doesn’t matter whether you’re predictable or not, and when you can block everyone you can be very predictable and it doesn’t matter. Georgia was blocking us like we blocked Texas, and we weren’t blocking them.

The armchair OCs who get an erection because they predict a play have amused me for decades. I go back to my line about _ally; a broken clock is still right twice a day. Pick a play you know we run (RPO for instance), predict it every time and you’re going to be right a fair amount.

We played more people than we’ve been playing in our victories. How many got more than a snap or two, I can’t say. I do see some young LBs on the participation list.


I’ll try to answer your question without the condescension. Georgia put us in very predictable situations by being behind the chain so much but there was also some really bad play calling. For example we ran a running play on 1st and 25. The obvious play was pass of course but we seldom had time to complete anything long because they were in our backfield so fast. But I couldn’t believe we called a running play then. We didn’t use the middle of the field, didn’t see any bubble screens, no misdirection.

Penalties killed us yesterday. I give their fans credit; they were loud. Really loud. And then when you’ve been punched in the mouth the way we were you get gun shy. All of the holding penalties were a result of simply being over matched and trying to do anything you could. A few of the PI calls were BS and there were more than a few no calls on UGA for helmet to helmet hits.

I think we did get some of the younger guys PT in the 4th quarter.

Oh and Newton County/Lost Valley area is wonderful. I say that as I type from our place at Erbie.


This loss cannot be blamed on play calling. Georgia had too many players that were better than our players. Yes, there were mistakes that we probably shouldn’t have made, but they did not materially change the results.

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I thought the running play on 3rd and 25 was a reasonable call. We weren’t likely to pick up a first down or even get the QB time to pass to anyone very far downfield. We we were just trying to get a few more yards so we wouldn’t have to punt out of our EZ.

Play-calling always sucks when none of them work. I’ve been following Razorback football for 60 years and don’t recall us ever having a coach who knew as much about play-calling as the fans.


There’s some truth to this. Best play caller I saw at UA wrecked a motorcycle.

I’m always amazed how many people want to blame play-calling and schemes with every loss

The SEC is a line of scrimmage league
There is no scheme or play call that negates getting whipped physically. And no amount of effort can completely overcome physical deficiencies.

The only way we could have even been competitive would have been for UGA to have given us gifts and played below their physical level. Of course, neither happened.


I agree with you on that specific situation but the call on 1st and 25 was horrible. Running play off A gap.

I don’t know what Briles was trying to do. I don’t know what D UGA played then. He might have hoped he could get 2d and 15 with that call. I think he knows more than I do about his job. I bet Sam thinks he knows something about it, too. Perhaps he doesn’t.

Lol I sure as he_ _ don’t think I know as much about it as Briles. It’s possible the back hit the wrong hole too. But I don’t think just because these guys are in their position that they are above criticism either.

Folks, play calling had absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of yesterday’s game.


I think we all know we got bully balled by jimmy’s and joe’s a he_ _ of a lot better than ours. I don’t think anyone is saying we lost the game because of play calling either. We all blankety blank know why we lost the game. But there were some questionable calls as well. The play calling in the A&M game wasn’t great; it just so happened that there were very 2 perfectly called plays.

No one is above criticism, but often the critic is not privy to the information the actor has. I’m just more skeptical of critics than I am coaches—unless the critic knows as much as the coach. That’s rarely the case. And like you said, the back might have misplayed it.

At the end of the day, I love our HC and our DC. I’m not convinced on our OC yet but obviously not my call.

I do not know many plays that work when you can’t block the defensive front. Anyone got one?

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Screen maybe? But we couldn’t block those LBers either ….

Georgia rushed four or five. Zone blitz a few times. Still just four rushers. Screens not a good call against that. Field position was the problem early. That was a great defense. And so was the second defense. UA first defense was third best I saw yesterday.

It looked like a scheme designed to limit big plays. It did.

It also was designed with a thought that the offense would do something. Maybe score a few times and limit Georgia’s touches. None of that happened. The offense provided no help. Special teams provided no help.

It was a failure in all regards because of that. But I’d give Georgia some credit, although not all.

Most of the penalties I saw. So not going to point any fingers at Jason Autrey’s crew, embarrassed by what they did when they called the Ark-Auburn game.

Guys, it reminded me of the beatdown Miami gave us in 1987. God knows I love the Razorbacks, but we were just simply outmanned across the board yesterday. But you know what happened the next year, in 1988? We played Miami off their feet and would have won (probably) if Atwater had corralled an almost-interception in the end zone. Give us a little time. We are on an upward trend and the future is bright. We are not on par with the elite (i.e., UGA, Bama) YET, emphasis on YET, but we are doing the right things for a change and we have the coach and the staff and the administration to make us competitive with the rest of the league in the not-too-distant future. I’m one optimistic and excited Razorback fan. WPS!!!


Thanks everyone for your responses. Before the TX game, I had about 12 of my old longhorn friends at a house we had rented together. I told them that I just hoped that the Hogs could keep it close, and we were 2 years away from really being a CSP team. Figured this year 7-5 would be GREAT, then next year lose so so many seniors. Man are we going to miss these 3 LBERS, catalon and burks! But by the next year we’ll be big and bad. Leroy brown style!

Lo and behold, we were Leroy brown against TX. And against the Gaggies. If you had offered me 4-1 start, with the only loss being jawja, I would have accepted immediately, while giggling! Sounds like we just wore out, or were intimidated, on top of simply being outmatched physically. That’s ok

If we resume the play we had for the first 4 games, we should have a very fun year ahead of us! GHG!!

That is and ever will be the crux of the problem. I had flash backs to the Steel Curtain. Not just big guys but fast big guys.