Questions about tailgating in The Gardens...

This is the first year we’re thinking of using The Gardens for tailgating and had a couple of questions. We park in Lot 56. If any of you have any experience in this area, we’d appreciate any and all input.

If we choose the 10’x10’ package, are we able to bring our own BBQ grill and extra chairs?
Are we limited strictly to the space within the tent or would there be room to setup, say, 4 more chairs just outside the tent?
At what time on game day would we have access to our space?
Finally, is there any way to choose where the tent is, or is that strictly random?

Any information you could provide us to help us decide on the package we’ll choose (10’x10’ or 10’x20’)…or just the overall experience there in The Gardens, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Woo Pig Sooie!

I have a spot in there. You can bring in extra chairs, grills, etc. to be close to your spot.

They (Intents) actually have someone out there all night the night before and will email ahead of each game with regard to times, etc.

I would call Intents and talk to them about other details.

They did a great job out there last year.

Do not confuse their area with the folks who have specific parking from the RF in the gardens area around the sides. Intents manages the area where the white tents are between the sidewalks, so to speak. It’s kind of tricky, last year my spot was across the sidewalk from folks who have their spot through RF and we were all shaking our heads at times about who had control of which area.

Originally this year the RF/UA was going to take the whole area back over but ended up partnering with Intents again. That was back when they were scared about where they parking everyone going forward and had to get through relocation of a bunch of folks from lot 44 thru the other lots.

Hope the info was helpful.

Very much so kevind. Thanks heaps