Questions About Morris' Offense with CBB QBs

I did not get to see the second half, so my questions may not be fully informed.

However, if our QB is no threat to run the ball, why do we try to make it look like we might fake a handoff to the RB. I just don’t get that; it prevents our RBs from hitting the hole (or line) quickly, and of course the defense just focuses on the RB.

And my other question. I did not notice any run pass option from the Hogs. So, what kind of offense were we running today.

Unless I completely miss my guess, we ran a lot of RPO. That’s the staple play of Hammer Down. So that would suggest that you haven’t learned to recognize it.

We ran tons of RPOs. I didn’t count. But it was, as you say Swine, the staple.

A very vanilla offense I hope

I thought Kelley’s handling of the fake handoff was not well executed. Storey did a better job, but it still wasn’t as crisp as needed to make this offense hum. As far as reading the defensive keys to make the decision, it was hard for me to figure out when the play was scripted as a run/pass and when it was a result of the read. Maybe that’s the point.

Did not run much of the RPO on Saturday. Was plain vanilla because there was no reason not to be.

Not much at all if any RPO. I thought CM was looking for tempo and running the O. Could have scored 70 easy.

Pett said as much…

“We really didn’t open up a lot so, it’s interesting to know what we got for the upcoming games”

I’m not real sure either one can really make the RPO a true threat,you have to really gash them with the QB run to really catch their attention but a good offtackle run game would be a HUGE help.