Questions about Mason Jones

How highly recruited was he? What schools did we beat for his signature? Is it true he was once committed to UCA (maybe I dreamed that)?

(I’m aware that he’s a late bloomer with the huge weight loss.)

Can he dunk? I don’t remember ever seeing him dunk, even in warmups.

BTW, I’m glad to have him. He’s a special talent. He’s clutch. No showboating.

Our backcourt is loaded for the next couple years.

He wasn’t recruited hard at all. He went to JUCO first. He was overweight and dropped a lot of weigh. The story came out after the Texas A&M game to start conference play.

Good catch by MA and Staff.
Obviously he is a dedicated hard working young man, dunks or no dunks.

One of the best late recruits in a while. Where would the hogs be without him?

Who cares if he can dunk or not! He can play!

Actually I wrote about it during his recruitment with his head coach Bill Muse and Mason talking about it.

Yes, he can and has dunked.

Happiness abounds!

He still needs to work on his DPG though.

Guy has just scratched the surface, and the surface is good.

Wow never seen it but that’s encouraging because if Dusty can bang then why can’t a 6’5 guy dunk it

Mason is better than I expected. I actually love players like him. He’s a stat stuffer. What I mean by that, if you look at his game logs, he has a mark in almost every category in every game. He’s not the guy everyone will gush over (Gafford, Joe) but he’s a guy that will get you over the hump. He’s gonna do what he needs to do to win the game.

He will definitely be one of the floor leaders next year.

Extremely impressive evaluation by CMA.

CMA evaluations usually turn out right eventually. What I am impressed with is the immediate impact that Mason has made. I was looking for him to deliver next year.

You and me both.

Larry Bird was 6-9, and I never saw him dunk…He could barely jump over a piece of notebook paper lying on the floor, but he could pass and shoot with the best.

I think he was the guy the movie was named after, “White men can’t jump”.

The guy that wrote that never met Alan Zahn.

Bird averaged nine rebounds a game but was limited in the vertical… he was one of the most instinctive players to play the game and knew how to rebound.