Questions about game

For those who studied the replays, did Bumper thump him wrongly?

Were Rice players cramping or just realizing how mean/cruel/superior SEC real men are?

Do y’all realize how miserably hot it was sitting there with blaring loud loud LOUD music creating a horrible game day experience?

Most on the board said Bumper targeted,

It appeared the Rice guys cramped a lot. I give credit to our training
staff, strength staff and nutrition staff for our guys not having those issues.

The TV guys kept talking about how hot it was but until you’re there you really can’t appreciate it.

From replay, it appeared that Bumper did lead with the head. I think his intent was to try to get across the other players body but it’s a bang bang situation. You just can’t put your head down.

The whole cramping thing to me is a mystery. These guys train all the time and should be in great shape. Proper nutrition and hydration should prevent the “cramping” that goes on. I’ve done some long endurance stuff and never had cramps. What I don’t know is if it is different with the stop and go action in football.

Bumper lead with his head, and the music was fine. Oh, get off my lawn old man.

It was an incredibly hot day. I wasn’t there—a decision driven in large part because of the game time & heat I knew it would bring. Since we weren’t compelled to play the game at 1:00 because of TV, I’d love to know why we chose to have it at such an awful hour. Temperature would have been 15 degrees lower & no sun pounding down if we’d started the game at 7:00.

Afternoon games late in September & beyond make sense. They don’t make sense on Labor Day weekend if they can be avoided.

On the Bumper Pool hit… in my opine and I’ve watched it several times…

#1 as he was going in to hit, he did lower his head.
#2 he DID NOT make contact with the head/neck area of the other player he hit the shoulder/upper arm

So in the sense he lowered his head it could be called targeting but without the head/neck contact I think it should not have stood. But by the letter of the rule, lower head its targeting.

On the flip side, on that penalty against rice for the late hit out of bounds. It was ticky tack in my opine. That being said, the player lowered his head and did indeed make head to head contact with the player. So by the letter of the rule that too should have been targeting.

My dislike of the rule is because it too much of a “judgment call” they are not consistent. I thought replay would help that, but it does not seem so.


You were there, Rice, and thought the music was fine?

I’m not much of a fan of piped-in music of any kind. I prefer the band. Like it was 30 years ago. But that’s not coming back any sooner than leather helmets.

Bumper call was easy for them bc he clearly lead with his helmet,he knows better! especially with Morgan already out.we will miss him badly in the 1st half next week bc Texas RB Robinson is REALLY good.

Yep, the music was fine. The last thing that bothers me at a sporting event is the music being played.

I liked the music, better than the past few seasons, good mix and good volume

I musta had a gallon of water, man it was hot


Gotta be somebody other than me that couldn’t stand that pregame screeching

The volume level was a bit much. I didn’t really notice it too much. Just when my daughter was trying to talk to me or ask me something. I couldn’t hear a word she was saying.

The 2nd half was miserably HOT! One guy behind us just passed out on the floor. They sent for a cart and took him off.

I don’t get to my seats until we run through the “A”, but it’s what the players and the students like, so I have no problem with it.

We opened our season in 2014 at Auburn on 30 August. Afternoon game. It was very very hot. The emergency staff stayed busy the whole game with stretchers carrying folks away. There were huge tubs of ice inside near the concessions for people to cool down. Yep, it’s hot in the South this time of year.

It was hot. In the upper deck a breeze kicked up a few times from the south, which was very welcome.

I thought the targeting calls from what was shown on the big boards after viewing it live were 50/50. The interference calls and the guys who made those calls were much shakier. I thought Rice also got a bad call for a late hit out of bounds in the second half.

Rice played hard and clean. They are a hard-nosed team. In their conference with that defense and a really solid inside running game they could do pretty well. They will probably play a lot of close games in conference.

Their coach is probably a little torn about the game, setting aside the score. They had a lot of positives. They also got beat up pretty badly, their tent was up for long stretches, and while they did have problems with cramps, they also just got a lot of guys dinged.

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