We had the best home Schedule in Arkansas football history. I feel like we have wasted it in a lot of ways. Why can’t we seem to get 10-15 officials at a time. It’s LSU week and pretty much everyone who is coming is already commited. It just seems like we wasted the schedule.

It’s hard for kids to take officials during their own football season and the coaches would rather they come during December and January anyways.

Yes but it seems they make time for other officials. It it just seems we have to the same 5 or 6 every game and I am glad 2018 is off to a great start but 2017 still needs to be the best class we have had under Coach BB

I don’t think there’s significantly more officials at other power five schools during the season, but yes, there’s more at some places. Why? Because it’s easier to get there (wherever that is) than Fayetteville, AR.

Who does 10-15 official visits during a game?

LSU hasn’t hosted any official visitors this season. They’re waiting until after the season.

Well, they don’t have a coach, lol.

They have tried to have as many as possible, but as I have noted – unless their seasons are over - it is hard for them to get a flight in here on a Saturday in time for games.

It is one of the recruiting disadvantages that they face

Arkansas had a few under JLS. While most of the time you do wait, but there are occasions you bring some in a situation like LSU’s.

Bama has hosted nine kids on official visits this season. They have six coming in this weekend.

With Arkansas having 4-6 spots left, you would never have large numbers coming in the first place.

I honestly don’t know what other schools do. One factor I have heard mentioned (assume it is true, don’t know) is the difficulty in getting timely flights into NWA. Makes it harder for a kid to play a game Friday night and get here in time for a reasonable visit on game day.

Again, not sure if that is true or not. Just that I have read that.

Keep in mind when you speak of the recruiting disadvantages for Bama, one is the distance from the airport, some 60 miles away. There are no flights into or around Tuscaloosa.

NWA is much closer than Birmingham, so that’s an advantage Fayetteville has over Tuscalooser, when there’s a decent flight.

I guess if you were to compare Tulsa’s and NWA’s flights in vs Birmingham’s flights in you might say NWA has no disadvantage over Bama as far as accessibility. I cringe when knowledgeable folks speak of the long distance from an airport, and corresponding flight availability, when decrying NWA is difficult to get official visits.