I appreciate the links Jimmy has sent out from the PC today, but is there a reason behind having every question as a different link/video? And yes, I would bitch if I was hung with a new rope, I figured we’d have to whole PC as one video. Thanks, though, I do appreciate the video.

We are not going to post the long press conferences in their entirety anymore.


its a pain to keep opening each little segments. I guess its so it shows more clicks but not very good for subscribers.

That’s a bad decision

by the way i found the full one somewhere else

I love it when I can watch the whole press conference. I love the ones during the season and watch them on WatchESPN in their entirety.

I always catch info, positive or negative inflections that the writers don’t always report on. I think I get clearer context in the end.

With these being split up, you just have to find the whole video elsewhere.

Agree. I would like to see the whole PC.

I also agree, seeing the whole video is so much better.

I guess it’s so you can get more ad revenue, but man it’s a pain.

You get a 15 second ad, then a 30 second ad, then a 1 minute video. (I know the ad blockers on Chrome or Firefox will block the ad but Purify on the iPad/iPhone doesn’t and you have to white list the link. Then you get all the ads)

I’m almost watching as many ads as the video.

I really liked the single video.

It’s not to get more clicks. Hardly. I’ve seen our guys try to download a 35-minute stretch and it takes about two hours. We want to get video up. So they are breaking it up. And downloading multiple pieces at the same time. We have tried it both ways. We get the video up sooner if it’s split up. We will discuss this further. But it is about speed, not clicks.

Purely out of curiosity, and I haven’t viewed the videos in question, is there content cut out from the entirety of the press conference for the segments? There would have to be for it to save upload time.

Otherwise (for example), uploading 5 segments of 5 minutes would take just as long or longer to upload than a single 25 minute segment.


Why not post the cut ups initially to get the content out to us, but then post the PC in its entirety? I, too, like to watch the full pressers when I have time. But, I’m old by today’s internet standards and I don’t have the need for speed that the youngsters do.

I prefer them broken up. It lets me choose which responses I want to hear so I don’t have to wade through the whole thing. I usually don’t have 20 minutes at a stretch to sit and view a press conference, anyway. Plus, the shorter ones are easier to view on a phone. If I want to see the whole thing, it’s not that big a deal just start them up one at a time. To each his own.

:?: what are they downloading with :?: that should take less than the 35 min