I think Anderson will be our coach next year. Not going to get into whether he should be or not, I just think long gives him more time. That being said. We lose Kingsley, Hannahs, and Watkins. My question is two fold. How will Gafford compare to Moses? Will he park inside or want to play out on the floor like Moses. I expect him to be a bit foul prone until he learns the speed of college game. Rebound better? Scoring, Haven’t seen him play. Second part, how will the other 2 new guys fit in. Both 6’6 to 6’7 size. How will team be better next year with these 3 vs the 3 we lose. Will we be as good of a shooting team next year? Seems we will have more size. Better defensively? Haven’t seen any of them play. Just curious because I do think Anderson will he here next year. I will be shocked if he isn’t. Just looking ahead.

IMO, if you are looking to compare our 3 departing seniors with those 3 specific incoming freshmen, there will be a noticeable drop-off. Gafford should provide no drop-off defensively from Moses, and maybe even improvement. The other 2 freshmen will probably not score like Hannahs or lead and play defense like Manny.

IMO, If next year’s team becomes considerably better than this year’s team it will be from the improvement that our 3 JUCOs make. I do believe that those 3 JUCOs will make marked improvements, as all good JUCO players seem to do in their Sr years. Both Macon and Barford are very good players this year, but they will have to become all-SEC caliber players and team leaders next year for the Hogs to make a big jump.

Harley, I disagree with you in part. I agree about Gafford, not sure how his offense will compare, but his D seems to be on par (but he’s playing HS). To answer the original question, look up RD’s twitter, he has Gafford’s windmill dunk. In order for DG to be in that position, he was out on the floor. My disagreement with you Harley, is Dusty isn’t a great defender, both these guys should be an upgrade. Plus, we really don’t have a “real” SF on this team, I think both can fit that role. I think Macon will play PG, Barford will play the 2 (hopefully he learns to pass instead of trying to take it to the hole every time). It depends on CJ’s improvement this fall, bit I think Garland (who I understand can handle the rock) will play the three and be an upgrade over Manny because of his length and shooting. So, I think it’ll be a wash. I’m curious about Dudley’s statement a few days ago, still looking at a PG, or a Big, or both. If it’s both, someone has to leave.

I think this team will be a lot better next year. As Harley said JUCO are significantly better their senior year than junior year. We’ve seen it here already with Jabril Durham and Coty Clarke. The guy I think will have the biggest jump is Arlando Cook, we’ve seen flashes of what he can do but he is really inconsistent right now, he’s been like a typical JUCO guy, both Barford and Macon have been ahead of the curve.

Then you have Beard, Thompson, and Thomas all returning as well. We’ve seen improvements from Beard already, that growth should continue, then Thompson with an increased role should be better as well. Then the biggest thing which will make us better is us getting a whole lot more athletic. That’s kinda our weakness right now which is why our press isn’t as effective as he could be. It really takes great athletes. Next year Jones and Bailey will be in the rotation, they are the best athletes on the team right now, but just not ready. Then you add the three 4-star guys we are bringing in, who are all athletic as well, who’s better equipped for the press. And not saying the guys this year can’t do it, but it tends to work better with guys that are more athletic. Barford may be our only guard this year that can actually dunk in traffic. Every other guard pretty much can’t or has to have a wide open lane to do it.