I have not followed real close. How does a team play like that on the road agaist a good team and consistantly lay such eggs at home or lose to MO? Just makes no sense to me. Hope they can keep it up.

Jim, they’re consistently inconsistent. Better SEC road record than home, which makes no sense.

Hi Colorado:
Long time no contact. Good to hear from you. To your question, inconsistency of course. But I think MA has discovered a new defense call “Zone”. He put a new twist on it tonight by pressing and double teaming the perimeter of the zone. That forced the ball out of Thorn’s hand most of the time. Once we became confident that we have a chance, there was no going back.

Mike has also pulled the curtain off the full court press. I wish he could have done this earlier in the year. By not pressing so much our players kept their legs late. The zone is our best defense. We don’t play man with any flow. I’m proud of the win.

Thanks. Zone defense. Wow - didn’t know there was such a thing must be really new in BBall. Oh wait, isn’t that what is played in upstate NY that goes deep into the NCAA each year? Is that not leaving good shooters wide open or allowing free passes to the basket. Amazing how that works.


Syracuse record, 16-11. Extremely bubblicious at this time. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. I’m happy that Mike has added a long-bladed zone knife to his cat-skinning arsenal.