Question regarding Hog Flights

Approximately, how long will take the team to fly from NW AR to Gainesville in the jets they use?

Does the entire Razorback crew (players, coaches, etc.) fit on one jet, or does it require multiple jets?

One jet. The traveling party is not that big. Probably less than 40 people. estimates flight time from NWA to Gainesville at slightly over two hours.

While we’re on the subject, Swine maybe you know, do all the teams fly on jets that fly out of Drake or which ones do? Does the football team take a chartered larger jet out of Drake or do they fly out of XNA?

I’ve seen pictures of them deplaning at XNA…


The football team flies out of XNA in bigger airplanes, the basketball team, volleyball team, etc, will almost always use Drake and will be in smaller jets or large turboprops.

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I found out the fun way that Austin to Drake is less than an hour when I got the chance to fly private to the Texas game. A good friend has NetJets lease. There were so many planes flying out of Austin that NetJets couldn’t supply his normal Lear so he got an upgrade…to a Gulfstream. I felt like a Rock Star!

And I’ll bet it was a Hell of a fun trip back home on that particular jet for you. Also expect that you had your parachute loaded and strapped on in case they just couldn’t stand your constant grin during the return trip.

They were about to stack the jets on top of each other that Saturday, I’ve never seen as many airplanes stacked up at Drake.

I seem to remember back in the day before XNA that the football team jet could take off from Drake but on the return trip would have to land at Ft Smith and bus up to Fayetteville. I think landing requires a longer runway and Drake’s was too short? Or was that a bad dream I had??

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