Question re Pittman's Compensation vs that of Muss

Since Pittman is the head football coach, will his financial package be bumped up because Muss’s is being bumped up?

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Good question. Depends on a few things: Does Sam’s ego require him to be paid more than the basketball coach? Should we be bumping up the FHC with a career record of 3-7 just because the BHC got to the Elite Eight and is going to be paid accordingly?

HY may tell Sam, we’ll take care of you when we start seeing some results. Going 3-7 in the SEC is certainly an improvement over what the current coach at Allen High School did, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth giving him a big raise. And if the figures I’m hearing for Muss are accurate, it would be a big raise to get Sam above him.

Since the guy didn’t ask about pay before accepting the job, I don’t see ego being an issue…that along with everything else I’ve read about him and learned from listening to him.

I would agree. And you can also look at how enthusiastically Sam has been cheering on the basketball team during the tournament.

If it were just about anyone else we wanted as the FHC, their salary would already be on top of the list.
Now if Sam pulls off a winning season next year and beating some SEC teams again I would expect comparable compensation due him.

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I think there was a period of time when Nolan was making more than Nutt fwiw.

Yurachek has already said Pittman is getting a reworked contract, but that was well before the basketball team went on its postseason run.

Pittman’s contract, which was written before the covid outbreak, had some language that included a pay raise had the Razorbacks made a bowl game during a traditional 12-game schedule.

Yup, Sam has a bowl clause and Muss has a Sweet 16 clause. But Muss is gonna get paid well beyond that $250K raise specified for making the Sweet 16.

think experience plays into the formula too…Pittman has 10 games experience as a Head Coach(not counting the 1 year in Junior College)while Muss has all those years at Nevada and the years professionally whether it be the G League;NBA;or the other places he’s been

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I’d be all for Sam getting paid what Muss is probably going to get (or more), if he gets us a “New years 6 bowl” invitation. Or whatever they call that tier of bowls just under the Play-offs. That would be comparable to an Elite Eight finish for Muss. I’ll also bet Sam expects to get that in the next couple years.

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