Question re Nicki Collen and Tom Collen

I see where former UA basketball assistant Nicki Collen is the new head coach for the Baylor Lady Bears. What is former UA head coach Tom Collen (her husband) doing now? Is he retired? There is 22 years difference in their ages (unusual but entirely legal).

I don’t think Tom has coached since he was let go at Arkansas.

I don’t follow too much of women’s college basketball outside of the Hogs but I of course know about Baylor’s level of play. Is this a hire that the Baylor fans will appreciate? Her record in the WNBA is not very good. I think Razorback fans would be very upset with this hire and I can only assume that Baylor fans expected someone with a much higher level of pedigree.

Tom had prostate cancer when he retired at Arkansas. And he told me about 6 weeks afterwards that he was fully “retired” and would concentrate on being a husband and dad. He said, “I will never coach again.”

Good man, good dude. We worked out side by side at FAC most mornings.

He did not mention cancer when he left Arkansas but he told me one of those mornings at FAC a few weeks later. He said the treatments in last 6 weeks of season were tough.

I think he’s doing ok but he was firm that he was done coaching.

UA fans didn’t get upset with Jimmy Dykes. NC seems to have twice the resume and credentials he had

Her overall record wasn’t great, but she did have a strong season her first year in Atlanta and was WNBA coach of the year. I have a feeling her WNBA experience (she was an assistant coach in Connecticut before she was hired in Atlanta) will be a strong selling point to recruits.

I don’t think many coaches go to college with a strong professional record. If they were good in the pros there would be no reason for them to leave.

Bobby Petrino, Nick Saban, Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier, John Calipari and Rick Pitino are some who flamed out in the NFL or NBA and did fine once they went back to the college game. Eric Musselman is another, although his path wasn’t nearly the same as the others.

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