Question or Perhaps Concern on New Offense Effects??

First and most importantly, I don’t care what kind of offense the Hogs run. I don’t care if they snap the ball in 10 sec. or if they snap it with 1 sec left. I don’t care if they huddle or never huddle. Makes no difference to me as long as they win. I don’t care if the score is 3-2 or 90-89 as long as the Hogs are 3 or 90 (who would not like a score of AR 3, AL 2 next fall?)

Here is my question or my concern. What happens to our defense when we go 3 and out with that defense getting 1-2 min. rest total? To do this, it seems to me you need a very strong and very DEEP defense to withstand those times when they have to go right back out there. Here is the kicker. We have 2 for sure SEC players on defense - one Dend and one corner. Hopefully, others will show, but that is what I saw last yr. Sure, the Chief will arrange them differently and all will be raw, raw, but still, how will that stop most SEC teams? Will it be just rearranging the Deck Chairs? Will our offense lead to wearing out our very pourous defense that has not stopped anybody including power houses such as Costal Carolina and Alcorn State in 3 yrs.?

Hope my concerns are unfounded. Perhaps some of the great coaches on this board will have answers and suddenly we will have a 2 deep defense.

Aloha amigo,
I have been having the same concerns. Our defense has been horrible and now their is an increased probability of it becoming even worse due to a lot of quick three and outs, quick scores or interceptions. For our defense to survive our offense is going to have to be very consistent. Otherwise we wil be seeing a lot of Big 12 scores. Hopefully we shall be out scoring our opponents. If CMM is as good as advertised I suspect we shall se a gradual improvement through the years as recruiting brings in the defensive talent and depth his offense demands.

I think the ILB is a very good SEC player as well, but your point is well taken. For the time being this team will have to outscore people to have a chance. The cupboard on defense may not be empty, but this staff inherited one that is far from full.

There is no doubt next year’s offense will score at a high rate. Everyone else who runs a spread HUNH offense with power running does and we won’t be any different. Our defense will be somewhat improved but it will give up a lot of points because of the HUNH. That happens to everyone else’s defense whose offense is in the HUNH. Have you noticed that head coaches who were defensive coordinators prefer traditional power offenses? (Smart at Georgia is a good example and Bielema at Arkansas is a not so good example) Elite SEC defenses with all SEC players all over the field give up a lot of points. Our defense with 2 maybe 3 elite SEC players will not be any different. We have a team full of offensive players recruited for a totally different offense and full of defensive players who did not do well when their offense was designed to help them. The HUNH offense just throws its own defense under the bus so it can try to out score the other guys. If we win 6 this fall, I will be satisfied. If we win more, I will be ecstatic. JMVHO

Do you guys think that ccm has not thought of that? Give him a chance, because he knows what he is doing. If not and your concerns come to light, then give him hell and tell him how to coach!

Do you guys think that ccm has not thought of that? Give him a chance, because he knows what he is doing. If not and your concerns come to light, then give him hell and tell him how to coach!

There are legit concerns if you have three and outs. But, you can have three in and outs in pro schemes and that puts defense in a bind, too. I am pretty sure John Chavis understands the deal and thinks it is the right approach. They will run the ball plenty. It’s not a throw every play scheme. It’s a move the ball and score scheme.

The key is that the defense has to improve. I think better players are on the way.

Not proposing one way or the other. Note my opening. I don’t care. Just wondering what people thought about the subject. A&M gave up over 50 pts to Wake with better material than we have. Perhaps young, but by the end of the season, what is young? I don’t care if we give up 50 as long as we have 51 or more.

I am sure our coaches know this far better than us. Just wondering how they plan to combat it?

just reciprocate the three and out, onus is on defense to do the same and make their fanbase ask the same question.

I think the defense is going to be the polar opposite of the bend but don’t break philosophy, with the idea that we are NOT going to sit back and let a team methodically drive the ball down the field, hoping they will stop themselves. So one way or another we are going to get the offense back out there fairly quickly.

I think on offense we are going to take what the defense gives, assuming we have a QB who can make that happen. If you play your safeties back and empty out the box we will run, and run well, while mixing in the short passes. But at some point the better SEC defenses are going to crowd everything up tight and try to shut down the bread and butter short game and power running.

When that happens the OL has to hold up long enough to get the ball out and the QB has to accurately throw longer balls. This worries me.

Teams that compete for national titles in this day and age have depth on defense, playmakers on offense and special teams that can rise to occasion when needed. Our experience will have growing pains but the coaches will adapt to what we have to do to compete until the talent and depth levels are developed. This offense allows a team to move the ball and score so we can pressure the other teams defense too. I think about the Missouri experience with this style when they moved into the SeC. they had playermakers but the defense and particularly the defensive line has been key to their success. Most of us thought we had better talent than Mizzou but the on field history did not always support that belief. I think our recruiting AND coaching will be much better than the prior staff.

Well, we were well rested at times the last couple of years and still stopped nobody…

A real concern with depth on defense… play well in the first half and get spanked in the second half playing with a tired defense. The only option is better recruiting, but that’s down the road… patience is my word of focus this fall and seeing advancement in scheme, tackling, and attitude on the defense. Long term success will be laid on that foundation.

Saw some corner and safety blitzes yesterday.

It was very cool.

I have no doubt that the coaches will figure out what’s best in this regard.

conditioning, conditioning, conditioning

Patience indeed … given the program is no longer sinking in to the abyss and lacking leadership remaining patient is much easier thing to do.

They are likely to be better on both sides of the ball and on special teams, but it is not going to be an overnight sensation.

The schedule early helps out, but the middle it is the group of death.