Question on Track, Olympics, and Razorbacks

Are there any past or present Razorback athletes that appear to have a shot at making the US Olympics team. Are there any Razorbacks who may make their home country team?

I’d say Omar McLeod is pretty much a lock to make the Jamaican team in the hurdles unless he’s hurt, since he won the gold medal in Rio five years ago. He’s currently ranked fifth in the world. Dominique Scott is going to make the South African team again. She’s ranked 21st in the 5000 meters.

And we can’t forget our pole vaulters. Sandi Morris is third in the world. Tina Sutej is #12 for Slovenia.

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I haven’t heard anything about our twin pole vaulting girls. Have you heard if they’ve been competing in any National events this last year or two? I just remembered Sandy, ex Razorback pole vaulter. Didn’t she compete, and medal?, in the last Olympics? Don’t know if she’s still competing.

Yeah Sandi is ranked #3 in the world. I’m not finding the twins in the world ranking. Lauren Martinez, current Hog, is #70.

Looks like both of the twins are in pharmacy school at UAMS but an article written last year said they were still going to try to make the Olympic team.

Sandi Morris should make the USA Olympic team, unless weird things happen at the US Olympic Trials next week. Sandi is undisputed #1 US vaulter, although she is getting pushed by Katie Nageotte. But first three at the trials make the team if they have met Olympic standards. Sandi should be in top 3.

To answer your question, she is the only I see as sure of making the USA Olympic team in Track&Field at this time.

Not track, but Brooke Schultz was sixth in the Olympic Trials in 3-meter springboard diving this weekend (we forget we have swimming/diving at UA sometimes). Not good enough to make the team but a very good finish.

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