Question on tonight’s game

Am I reading it correctly that we are on the Network again tonight just like last night? Not on SEC Network +?

Yes, on SEC Network.

I see there’s again rain in the forecast. This time through well into game time. Doesn’t look like thunderstorms, but is it supposed to be light enough to play or are we looking at downpours? What’s it like there now?

Light rain, it’s rained about .25” so far, as compared to .07” the previous 24 hours. As of right now, they say the SB regional will start on time??


Looks like softball postponed until 1

The rain should stop by mid-afternoon, but it supposed to pick back up sometime in the evening.

Thank you sir!

Thanks Scottie…I saw that but wasn’t used to seeing back to back on the Network

Saturday is still listed on SECN+ but that may change.

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