Question on Todays Game

Is it on real SECN or play SECN+.

It does not show up on the Guide, but with time change could see that. Look on the how to article, it says carried by SECN and then goes into all the streaming stuff. Was scheduled for SECN P before time change.

All seems very confusing. Some of you smart guys set this straight please.

Yeah, my SECN guide, last night showed a re-run of FL/Bama champ game. This morning they “corrected” that, but put App St / Auburn in the 4:00 PM slot? Not the Razorback game.

edit: Well, I just browsed my ESPN streaming guide, and it now shows our game at 4:00 and on SECN, not on SECN+. I guess, just tune in at 4:00 and see what game we get. That same guide now shows App St/Aub game at 2:00. I’ll bet this ESPN guide is correct and my Uverse guide is wrong.

Auburn plays right before us, be a chance to size them up and see how we compare.

The better comparison to look for might be Aub compared to TN. TN beat App State last week by 41 points. We know TN is really good this year. I’d like to see Aub win by 10-14 points. It seems like App St is not nearly as good as Abilene Christian. Their 7 point loss at Texas Tech is an eye opener.

The best scenario might be if Aub and the Hogs each win by 10-14 points. That would be very positive for us.

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