Question on staff?

how many of these quality control assistants do we have? seems like bama has a ton of them. how do we compare with other sec teams in this regard?

if we do have some, what experience do they have? at times i feel our young coaches on offense could use the insights of some experience and wisdom.

then again, our defensive staff is veteran, maybe they could use some up and comers there.

the quality control question was brought up at work to me, the razorback fan who scours the boards for info. i had no clue as to the answer.

Efforting to get you an answer to the story for now, but here is how it was i 2017.

Here is what Arkansas lists as its support staff:

Arkansas lists five quality control coaches in the media guide. I think that’s the same number everyone has. Now, you can have consultants/analysts behind the scenes, too. But the NCAA only allows five quality control coaches.

Will Bryant, Offensive quality control
Daniel DePrato, Special Teams quality control (and I think he helps with offense, too)
Kap Dede, Defensive quality control
Alonzo Hampton, Defensive quality control
John Roberts, Defensive quality control

Arkansas lists three grad assistant coaches:

Ty Gatson, grad assistant offense
Will Gilchrist, grad assistant defense
Imarjaye Albuquerque, grad assistant defense

You also have Loepp and Will Bryant.

I listed Bryant. Loepp is listed as an offensive analyst.

Crazy to think Petrino had Chip Long and Marty Biagi as GAs and that was it.

Ok, yeah, I missed that, I think his question was more to the “total” staff, QC, analysts, etc., but I could be wrong.


What kind of hours do the QC coaches run? Do they work as much as the head coach and assistant coaches?

Oh, I think those QC coaches work long, long hours. I think they all burn the midnight oil.

The change at Arkansas for staff is a huge addition in numbers committed to recruiting. It’s a massive change.

And has been a swinging door recently, which can’t help.

The door that swings open the most in the SEC is Bama…

Nick runs through people fairly quickly…