Question on smoking a Rack of Pork

A few months ago there was great discussion and tips on smoking a Rack of Pork. While I smoke a lot of meats in Ca, never have I done this, but I’ve bought one I plan on doing Sunday. Any tips like spicing, do I brine or anything would be greatly appreciated. I’d say it’s about 8 bones.
Thank all so much

Maybe everyone else knows, but I don’t. What do you mean by a “rack of pork”? Are we talking about something like a rack of baby back ribs?

No it’s more like pork chops, kinda like a rib roast , but pork

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So typically I don’t think pork needs injecting but a rack of pork, similar to a pork loin in fat content, could theoretically but probably only for additional taste enhancement.

Depending on what flavor profile you like, I personally would try one of two things. First, olive oil, Italian seasoning, and salt/pepper. The other direction would be a bbq rub of some kind but I think I would try the first. IF you go the latter, I would spritz with apple juice throughout the cook.

If you’re feeling creative, might look at a bourbon based glaze. I’ve tried a few from the internet and they usually have some bourbon, brown sugar, Worcestershire base that you cook down.

Pull it when internal temp hits 145.

Let me know how it turns out.

Thank you hogq, you always have great smoking tips, funny you mention the bourbon glaze, as I was already looking into that

What would you smoke that at 225?

You are making me hungry, Bill.:grin:
I’m grilling steaks with sautéed mushrooms Sunday and burgers and dogs Monday.

BTW, for anyone going to Vegas, check out Rollin Smoke Barbecue.
The guy that owns it is from Arkansas, and there is a lot of Hog memorabilia there.
The burnt ends will change your life.

I know it’s early but it sounds yummy! Yes, anywhere from 225-250. What type of smoker are you using?

Pork always takes a brine well. Use about a cup salt to a gallon of water and add spices that compliment the seasonings you use. Smoke at 225 to 250 till internal temp hits 170ish, spritzing with apple juice every 30 min or so, then wrap in foil, spritz well and smoke til internal is 200ish. If desired, you can remove foil and sauce for 10 min or so at the end

Rest 30 min and serve as desired

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You wouldn’t want to smoke a rack of pork to that temp. It’s more like a pork loin. You pull it at 145 internal. Pork butts go to 200-205. As far as pork butts go, no need to brine them as they have enough fat content already. I know people do and you see a lot of the competition crowd injecting them but they are trying to enhance as much flavor into 1 bite as possible. BBQ is certainly a to each his (or her) own kind of thing.

Pork Cooking Times and Temps

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All good suggestions here…I will throw out one more that I use on grilled pork chops, simply season with salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. The pork will come out very savory. For big pieces like it sounds like you are using the “Apple Vinegar” spritzer is ideal.

Perry’s Steakhouse in Houston serves a chop that is 2-3 bones tall and is slow roasted for several hours. Served with flavored apple sauce for dipping. If I knew any finer details of how they prepare and cook I would pass along as this is the best pork chop in the world!

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HogQ is correct on this type of pork…it’ll get too dry if you go past 145-150. The bourbon glaze is good. I tend to keep my rub simple on this type of meat…with salt and pepper type stuff, but I used a rub someone gave me for Christmas this year on a big loin few months ago and it was good. I ran out of the rub bc used it on some pork chops at a big party last month, or I’d tell you the name. It was made specifically for pork. Good luck.

I would pull it when it’s 125 in the thick part of the middle. Ends will be 135 and will come up to 140 to 145. Middle will go to 130 to 135 and may look a little pink but that’s ok. It’s safe to eat. Brine is a good idea too. Good luck. Give us a report.

To use a rub or not to is a matter of taste, and if you do use one there are many good ones available. I personally like to add Italian oregano and rosemary to the rub I use when cooking (however) pork. Down here I grow both in my herb garden and I harvest, remove the leaves (needles), pulverize in a food processor, and freeze for usage throughout the year. This may be more taste than you want however.

I have a brisket fresh from the cow thawing out to take to church. My minister knows how to smoke them, I don’t. I learned that I’m not good at smoking anything. I tried smoking a left handed cigarette 50 years ago and couldn’t even do that. :eyes::joy::joy:


I have 2 types of smokers I use, a Traeger and an off-set stick smoker, The off-set in my opinion gives much better flavor, much more work though keeping temp where I want it, but it’s worth it. Thinking tomo I am going to use that with apple wood as my fuel

Thanks hawgjaw, I always pay attention to your ideas when we get talking food also, I tend to do as you suggested about pulling just under the 140-145 mark, as going over just a little seems to make a big difference and drys out fast

Just pulled up Perry’s Steakhouse on the computer, man that pork chop looks amazing, if mine comes out anywhere close to that picture I’m looking at, it’s gonna be a great day tomo. Gonna google around today to see if I can’t find out how to make that apple dipping sauce

I have an offset and bought a Yoder 640 a couple of months ago. I agree with you about the smoke quality from the offset being better than the pellet. I actually use the yoder more for cooking whole meals at once. I can cook a steak over direct heat and then put potatoes, vegetables, etc. on the top racks. I had a Traeger Timberline but sold it a couple of years ago because I wasn’t really happy with it. This Yoder is a cooking machine. I really love my PK Grill but have found myself firing up the yoder more and more.