Question on scheme

I have observed all season that when we stack three or four receivers to one side it’s ALWAYS for a QB run; Georgia obviously understood that also. I think we do that for Hornsby too.

Wonder why?

Arkansas did that twice last week to set up one-on-one coverage against Burks on the opposite side of the field. It worked for a nice gain on one of the plays.

I can see where that play would lead to some nice run options. If you shift the safeties toward one side of the field, the running lane to the opposite side opens up if the edge is set and the receiver blocks his cornerback.

We’ll, for sure, when we actually pass to that overloaded side (tunnel screen), it will be a huge surprise to the defense. We’ve set that up nicely for our next game.

We mainly are a sideline passing team. Briles doesn’t seem to like to throw over the middle it seems. Not being a football coach but I think our offense is easy to scout and prepare for


Texas and A&M would beg to disagree.

We basically have no tight end threat over the middle

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So true, and sadly Henry can’t beat out Stone Hand Luke…

There are ways you can get to the middle of the field that don’t involve the tight end.crossing routes with receivers like Petrino used to do all the time(almost impossible to cover man to man),Slants,comeback routes,RB release routes,high low combo routes,wheel routes,etc.

We just seem to not have any confidence doing it maybe he doesn’t trust KJ or trust our protection. I don’t know but it doesn’t seem to be a very complex pass scheme.

The only time we did yesterday was when Hornsby came in he hit White wide open across the middle for an easy 10 or 15 yard gain.

I think it is basically that KJ tends to miss high. That is not good over the middle. Could be wrong.

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He has missed high on a couple of slants but we haven’t ran enough other routes to see if he could hit them or not. I know Hornsby easily hit white streaking across the middle yesterday for good gainer

I’d say practice is dictating the play calling during games…

Kern walked on. Worked his butt off and has contributed a lot over the years. He’s had struggles lately but to disrespect a kid like that is just wrong.


A and m isn’t that good. Texas played us w the wrong qb. Not trying to diminish those wins, both were big wins, but we played an elite team yesterday and laid an egg in all three facets of the game.

I think we will be in every other game we play other than Bama. We can run the ball on ole miss. They have a good running game also. Key to game for me is if they will be patient and run it against our 3 man front.

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