Question on Savion Williams -

Would they take his commitment right now or do they like others better?

He looks like a stud physically, but the lack of elite offers like a lot of our WR prospect kind of baffles me a little big. Are his grades an issue? Seems like a 6’4 guy out of Texas who has good tape would have more P5 offers from big programs than he does.

Do they think he’s about to blow up?

I’ve heard he is very high on the staffs board. He has the potential to blow up in the rankings. They will probably take 2 more wr’s. Polk, Sullivan, or Williams seem to be the likely candidates to fill them. May be a case of the first 2 to commit takes them.

It definitely seems like he’s high.

I don’t question Stepp when it comes to WRs, he knows what he’s doing for sure.

I’d take all 3 if they wanted to come, personally. Need all the playmakers you can get.

Don’t forget it is 50-50 if they can hang on to Capers. I think they would accept a commitment from Savion Williams anytime.

I’m worried capers is going to bounce at the first sign of adversity, he doesn’t seem committed to me. But man I hope I’m wrong.

I get that he would be welcome to commit right now.

Down to Arkansas and Kansas, where he will visit in June. … -williams/

Very seldom do you bring in a guy for an OV and not take a kid wanting to commit.

That’s what I figured.