Question on recruiting class

New to the board, and I quickly noticed that it seems everyone is excited and calling this a great recruiting class.

I definitely agreed early on that it was but I feel that it’s lost a lot of momentum.

I looked around and it seems we are pretty behind in the recruiting game with numbers, I understand we don’t have as many spots this year, but we also aren’t really hot on any top prospects at the moment (from an uninformed point of view).

If this class adds the 2 instate 3 star OL, the out of state 3 star OL Strickland. The 3Star instate DL, and 3 star corner from ashdown, that leaves us with what 2-4 spots max?

Can we add 2 more highly sought after guys in those two spots/ are we in good standing with any?

Its not all about star ratings, I personally think the offer list is more telling. But there usually is a pretty good correlation. Our best players are also our highest rated recruits (Ragnow, Sosa, Whaley, O’Grady has shown promise, Capps)

Anyways, I think if this class finishes with a truck load of three stars it really isn’t that great of a class. I hope we can go grab some big time players. We need some good skill players.

Numbers are about to get real tight so Penei Sewell, Curtis Dunlap or Jerome Curtis would be highly recruited guys that could jump on. There are others but unless more spots come open there won’t be much room for others. Because of the lack of spots and who they have committed now, it won’t be a highly rated class.

Rivals this week had Arkansas rated 44 based on sheer numbers (or lack thereof). It could be an excellent class and exactly what CBB needs, but because it is a small class have a hard time cracking the Top 30. Being picky is going to be more important this year than most.

You would think so. It hasn’t felt like they have been picky with the offers though.

In what way?

In CBBs first three classes I always felt he was stingy with the border line SEC level players, (Instate) and waited until later to offer if he did, which made perfect sense to me. That’s the main thing.
I know they are high on Gibson but I was hoping we could go after and land a big time RB as well, no reason we shouldn’t be able to. Salahuddin from D.C. Is who’s tape I fell in love with.

I am curious to see if we can rebound from the loss of Luke Ford, nab a good WR or too, and an impact DE/pass rusher has to be high on the list I would imagine.

I think taking another RB will depend on how the Maleek Williams and Chase Hayden progress. If a Salahuddin wanted to come, I’m sure they would seriously consider but they will probably be full by the time he announces.

I won’t be surprised at all if they don’t sign a WR. They loaded up in the 17 class. They do want to add a TE. As stated several weeks aoi. they like Glenn Beal of John Curtis in New Orleans. That could be tough because they thought Ford was the one and I’m sure Beal thought that too.

As of now, I think Nick Fulwider takes the last DL spot. I think OLB Thurman Geathers takes one of the last spots.

It would be nice if we could convince Luke to come back. I know others think it wasn’t a significant loss due to the talent we have at the position, but his talent level is rare. I know he liked Arkansas and hopefully we can show him again why.

I never thought he would decommit so who knows he might jump back on board. Unlikely, but recruiting is a crazy game.

Isn’t that the truth.

I for some crazy reason have always allowed myself to stress over it, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a coach dealing with it!

Should be noted that the three in-state kids you are referring to have 50 offers between them.

Arkansas did not offer them until the coaches got an up-close look at them going against out-of-state OL/DL in camp on Sunday.