Question on player evaluations?

When Mike recruited Adrio and Gabe what gave him the impression they could develop into guys that could put the ball in the basket?
Same on Jalen even though he is a transfer?
Saw someone mention in a thread earlier this week needing guys that could get the ball in basket. I guess I always thought you looked for those guys?

Poor evaluation of players normally leads to bad teams. Who is responsible for this?

I can’t speak for Anderson, but Bailey was a high flier with tons of potential, drawing comparisons to Michael Qualls. So far he hasn’t lived up to that billing.

Gabe, you got me.

Harris is a good PG in my opinion. Decent on defense and looking to drive and pass to the open player. Difficulty is shooting and sometimes plays out of control. IMO, if Harris can develop a tear drop shot like Dusty Hannahs did, he’ll jump out as a major offensive threat for us.

Adrio was a dunker, lots of kids can jump and dunk, doesn’t mean they can play at Arkansas.
Gabe late signee, a prayer.
Harris had a full year to develop a shot, I’m doubting another will help much. He may go down as worst shooter in history of program. We liked him because he could dribble and pass?

No doubt these all may be great kids and ambassadors for the program but we need players.

Adrio was a very good offensive player in high school and had his moments as a freshman

Gabe showed he could score in high school a variety of ways He was added late after a departure

While neither one were superstars, I saw them both play and thought they would contribute more offensively

I saw Harris play AAU ball and liked him, but he was more of a distributor than scorer

So we have 3 guys that aren’t playing as good as you thought Dudley? Are they not being developed?

How about Henderson and Ibby?

Sure doesn’t look like a very good team in year 8.

By my count that’s 5 out of 13 players and then add Garland. That leaves 7 players to depend on. Not good.

So you’re saying CMA misevaluated Garland?

can’t have a point guard that can’t hit the side of a barn. what did he have, 5 turnovers today. i have watched lots of basketball, and ive never seen teams lay off players like they do harris and gabe. announcers said it, opposing coaches know it, playing the game with one hand tied behind back. this year, i wasn’t impressed with him simply because in my wildest imaginations, a guard can be that bad of a shooter.