Question on play callin'

Obviously, Franks has hurt both legs, or he has concrete blocks tied to his ankles. So, why so many zone reads with him keeping the ball? He rarely made more than two yards. Such callin’ kills drives. What’s up with that?

Is our whole offense in, or are those plays all we are proficient with yet–just barely?


The idea was the defense wouldn’t expect him to run, obviously they did.

I may be in minority, but not impressed with play calling.

How many quarterback keeps for a non running qb?

Does not seem calling to current personnel and seems more calling to Big 12 D where you can do anything.

Anyone can call plays when you have 5 stars all over field. But we don’t.

Hoping we can correct stutter step of backs at line.

And Smith not getting enough touches when Boyd not getting yards.

I’m worried for offense. Really worried.

I thought that in the one back r p o s, we are too slow running the play. They seemed to know what was coming as was most of the East and west plays.

But on the positve side, no QB’s in the redzone and no cutesy plays featuring Wrong Way you know who. I think the wind probably had a pretty big effect on both team’s passing games. That was probably to our advantage.

It could not hurt to let that freshman speedster get a set of those RPOs.

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Play calling is only as good as the execution. You can be in the play that the game plan calls for and if the qb makes the wrong read or someone misses a block or assignment you look like the Replacements. Some of the calls were brilliant and there were new wrinkles that looked promising. A number of plays also flopped. I get frustrated too when things go bad, but it’s rarely because of the play call. More often it’s execution.

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Definitely not the prettiest offensive game, but it seemed our run blocking did not allow much running room, so a lot of improvising was required by our backs. Pass blocking was better, if Franks was a little quicker to react, it may have looked even better.

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