Question on K Rich

How was Kevin Richardson’s play evaluated, by us and the coaches? I thought he was rusty, but he was out there providing leadership and was near that outstanding deflection in the end zone and able to catch that deflection before it hit the ground. I’m glad he was out there.

I sure saw him trailing a lot of WRs after they had caught the ball, however. I assume K Rich is still a step slow and is forecast to regain his speed. Can the Insiders question CBB on this, and how they assessed KR’s play yesterday? To me, KR is another bright spot for our remaining games.

Noticed in coaches’ assessments that K Rich was not mentioned. I was hoping they would address his return to play.

Any Insider ask about him? Anyone on this board notice his play and care to provide your assessment?

I noticed him trailing receivers as well but in a game like that all CBs are going to trail at times. He was also in on numerous good tackles and pass break ups I think. If you send people back in coverage and let a QB have time to move until someone gets some room the CBs will always eventually let someone come open.