Question on Juco Players

How will these two Juco linemen effect our recruiting ratings (assuming we sign them of course)? Are they rated 3,4,5 stars like the HS players are? Or a different scale? I know it can’t hurt with more numbers but just wondering how they are rated.

It depends on where you look. On 247, Cunningham will be our lowest rated recruit (as of yesterday when I looked it up, they could change it), however, RD posted a JUCO rating service on here and he is a 4*, as well is Lakia Henry, one of the LB recruits we are looking at (Henry is actually a 4* on all services), Nwanna is a 3* on all the services I’ve seen

If I remember right, some of those services dock jucos because they only have two years to play instead of four.

I believe that’s correct, but not positive

In the big scheme, it doesn’t matter.

They count for you and not for somebody else whether the overall ranking goes down or up.


They’ll count when they are paving the way for Rakeem next season, as we get revenge on MSU and Mizzou.


I really like that we got him instead of OU because that’s the best rating to me. Who else wants them. And of course in this case it’s a position of huge need.