Question on injuries and NCAA selection

Does the committee consider injuries in the selection and seeding process? That is, will we be given some forgiveness for any losses we take during Isaiah Joe’s absence?

Bumping to see if anyone, particularly any of the media members, knows the answer to this.

I have seen it happen before, but it has mostly been with the Top 4 to 8 seeds. Don’t know if that is a coincidence.

If this has changed since then I don’t know, but in 2000 Cincinnati was bumped from an obvious No. 1 seed to a No. 2 after Kenyon Martin broke his leg in the conference tournament.

That’s a lot different than Arkansas’ current situation, but illustrates that a selection committee has taken injuries into consideration before.

The College Football Playoff also takes injuries into consideration, but that is not an NCAA-sanctioned playoff.

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