Question on Hudson Henry for RD and DD

So I have looked at several recruiting sights, specifically on the TE position. All of the sights I looked at had Hudson at either #1 or #2 TE in country and nothing worse than #2. None of the sights had any TE’s as 5 star recruits. So, is that the norm for this position or is this just a case of this class not having a 5 star player this year? I am not a recruiting expert by any stretch of the imagination but one would think if you are consistently #1 or #2 you would be a 5 star?

Just curious what you all (or anyone else for that matter) thought on this and if he would possibly be bumped to a 5 star?

Thanks for all your hard work today and everyday!

I have seen 5-star tight ends before.

It goes by the top prospects overall, not just the best TE getting to be a 5-star.

Pretty simple he signed with the hogs!
No other explanation can be given

He is ranked the very same place he was before committing to Arkansas.

So, no, that’s not it.

Also, he hasn’t signed yet.

Thanks Dudley…just seems odd to me that he or the other guy isn’t a 5 star.

Army, this is not aimed specifically at you but this is all too common on here and drives me nuts. And it’s not just recruiting either.

People are convinced that “they” are out to downgrade Arkansas, screw us, whatever. Paranoia is what it is. And it’s ridiculous.

In this case, 5-stars are the best recruits in the country regardless of position. 247 has 34 of them. Rivals has 29. ESPN has only 13. If you’re not in that top 34, or 29, or 13, you’re not a 5-star. Period. Doesn’t matter if you’re the best tight end or RB or whatever.

Hudson Henry is the #54 recruit in the ESPN300. That means there were 40 kids ESPN rated higher than him who still aren’t 5-stars either. He’s #60 in 247 so there are 25 4-stars rated higher. If HH had gone to Stanford he’d still be a 4-star. He’s not even 247’s #1 TE; A&M got the #1 TE out of Brock, TX. And he’s not a 5-star either. Bottom line, nobody has Henry close to a 5-star. And that wouldn’t change no matter who signed him.

By the way, the #35 recruit according to 247 signed with Alabama. That fact wasn’t enough to get him bumped up to a 5-star.

Now are these rankings frequently wrong? Yeah. 247 says the best recruit we ever signed is Mitch Mustain. Darren McFadden is #5 on the list. We saw how that worked out.

I agree that recruits probably don’t just stay at a lower star rating because the Hogs signed them.
Now I do sometimes think that playing HS ball in AR may tend to keep a few recruits at a lower star rating &/or lower ranking in the top 300, in comparison if they had played for a large TX, FL, CA, LA, GA school with same production & stats.
Plus the few AR HS 5* recruits per the services that came out of AR really haven’t just came here & looked elite. Referring to Mustain, Winston, Agim. While some other AR HS 4* recruits have excelled at 5* level.
Who would anyone rather have as RB today, AR 4* D McFadden or FL 5* A Collins? Both were great at AR but DMac was extra elite.