Question on Coaching

Hey insiders & posters, do we think we have a problem with our Oline coach? Or were that many misses in evaluation & recruiting at the end of Pittman’s stay?

Also along those lines, is coach Anderson not developing these players enough? Seems to me that he’s done fairly well with the Great Dane, but not so much with the others(I think our center was going to be great from the day he set foot on campus no matter who’s his coach).

I also think our WR coach has his hands full getting these young ones up to par in the SEC.

I would say that the results of his coaching have not translated into a good offensive line his 1+ years here. We will see how he puts it all together the rest of this season.

Obviously Ragnow is a class above everyone else.

Froholdt is coming.

Coach Pittman missed on a few.

Hard for me to blame Wallace, Merrick, Ramirez, Malone and Raulerson on Coach Anderson.

But sooner or later they will all be his and we can fairly judge him.

As for WRs, Keon Hatcher and Drew Morgan become better players each day, both coming along late in their careers, especially Morgan.

I will wait to see Cornelius and Martin get healthy before I pronounce judgement, but there wasn’t a lot of separation and that is a big concern.

Having to keep the tight ends in to help with pass protection isn’t helping either in the pass game