Question on attempted fake punt

I was at the game and didn’t notice who we had in punt formation, ready to make a pass for a first down. Who was it?

We talked about it quite a bit in another post. They had Knox on the right side, lined up behind 4 or 5 blockers. He then went in motion to the left side apparently to get a pass from the punter. Unfortunately, 74 (Crawford?) left early to pull to lead the blocking for Knox so the play was blown dead at the snap. Looked like it could have worked for a big gain. Nobody was close to Knox at all. I thought it was a creative fake punt that almost worked bigtime.

Reid Bauer was the one who was preparing to take the snap.

Jalen St. John is #74.

All’s well that ends well, I guess, but at the time that penalty made me crazy or crazier. I am a big stickler for execution and these dead ball penalties really set me off. We have had our share, too often by senior or well experienced linemen, at least the lineman, this time, was not who had played extensively. When you have the element of surprise working in your direction, the dead ball penalty killed that.

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