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Matt Jones

Do you know if football coaches such as Jimmy Smith and Sam Carter have received raises for the 2021 football year?

Outside of the contract for Guiton, there obviously hasn’t been any pen put to paper on any salary changes. I know I asked him a few weeks ago about Odom getting a raise and he said he’d put in a request. Now, I don’t know if that’s just a request, or a FOIA request.

Same thing. UA isn’t going to release numbers without having their feet held to the fire.

I check on this kind of stuff on a regular basis. As of last week, no one had formally received a pay raise.

Did they or anyone on staff take a pay cut for Covid? Do you think they would get that back in a future year?

Nearly every person in the department took a pay cut, as long as they were making $30,000 or more. The cuts for head and assistant coaches were 10% over 10 months in most instances. Staffers making less than $100,000 had lower percentages withheld.

I do not know if there is a plan to reimburse those funds in the future, but I doubt there is. There is a plan to pay the bonuses that were deferred this year.

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