Question for you journalist moderators about Wally's latest................................

…sports editorial telling the AD that he wants more access to players and practice. He mentions declining attendance like this “lack of access is a major cause of that!” That seems a huge stretch to me. I doubt that Wally cares any about how many tickets the Hogs sell or how many fans chose to watch the game at home. I suspect that his only concern is he wants it to be easier for him first and his fellow journalists a very distant second to “do their job.” He throws out examples of how they did it before cell phone cameras made it possible to send videos all over the world instantly of any part of practice. If Frank thought Daryl could almost watch his practices live with the help of one spectator with a cell phone, you can bet he would have closed practices too.

In the reality that is today, is Morris’ or any other D1 coaches limiting of fan access to practices unreasonable? Is there any coach in America allowing unlimited access to all players like Wallie wants? Does any journalist expect this?

I think Grantland Rice was the last Journalist.

Never, ever read Wally!

Might of missed it but didn’t see where he said “lack of access is a major cause of that”. Not seeing where he wants unlimited access.

I don’t see a change coming as far as the practices.

Information is the reason people read sites like WH. Often times it’s hard to answer questions of subscribers when you don’t have the opportunity to ask.

HY’s reply on Twitter. As for what _ally said, I haven’t read it and won’t,

While I would like to see more of practice, I also don’t think every minute of it needs to be open.

Wally is not a beat writer so he is basically requesting access for Bob Holt and Tom Murphy for the ADG.

The one thing I would change with this staff is more access to the assistant coaches during the season.

Agree with Dudley. I think Arkansas provides as much access as any other SEC program. It’s about the same everywhere – or worse. And, it’s not going to change. If you hustle and do your job right, I see plenty of places to see and know what’s going on. I have not had any trouble doing my job.

Missouri open things up? Can’t find it, but I think Odom opened practices and is allowing much better access to the players.

Well it was for spring. Not sure how it will be for fall camp.

Kudos to Barry Odom & Mizzou for new spring practice media policies: All practices open to media & all coaches/players available for interviews at each practice. Odom says he wants media to have the access to tell the stories of his players.

The Hog Futures articles seem to have some good quotes from the players. I assume you guys are getting a chance to talk to these players. The Starkel piece had a lot of details.

Most were interviewed before they got on campus. I wasn’t able to get KJ Jefferson before he got to campus. They helped me get him a few weeks ago.

I think because Hog Futures is a long standing series, they do what they can to help.

The Arkansas freshmen will be off limits to the media in preseason camp.

They will be available for interviews after they play.

If I was a coach, I would close most practices. I am guessing most would do the same thing. I am not a coach, so I hope for a few that we can see. But I don’t expect it. I can remember during Ken Hatfield’s tenure there being open practices. A writer from out of state came and was allowed to watch. He reported the next day in the paper that Arkansas was working hard on a fake punt. Would that happen now? Well, it did. I am unsure who some of the people who are in the media now. I don’t even know their names. You let someone into practice who has a cell phone, what is going to happen? I’m not sure anyone really knows and that’s why they close them. Again, I don’t blame the coaches.

I don’t blame the coaches for closing practices at all. I can see why they’d allow them to be open for a few minutes if plain vanilla stuff was being worked on or if only drills (not plays) were being done at the time. I’d rather win with closed practices than lose a game after a spy revealed something even if it meant I didn’t know as much about the team as I might otherwise.