Question for Walker Kessler?

What would you ask him right now?

P.S. This will not age well if Kansas comes back and wins.

Kansas needs to worry about not getting blown out.

For Jayhawks to win, the y would have to make greatest come back in finals history. Probability is they could go the other way as Tarheels will be loose now with the lead.

Second half has to be 89 points to match Vegas game total. That would mean 3’s are going to rain big time.

The UNC-Baylor game prompted that P.S. :worried:


This original post is yet another in a long line of examples of why smack talk always comes back to bite you on the bottom! :disguised_face: Laughing at myself for posting this AND the “Confession time” post back-to-back last night. :rofl:

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Never , never beat on 18-19 years to do as you would think. Also Bill Self decides to make an adjustment and move big center out toward free throw line and open up the lane for driving. I guess he needed a white board to make that adjustment as the last five minutes of first half must have moved to fast for him during that 18-3 run. Your point is well taken. Kansas did step up the defense and their extra depth helped.

I thought when I wrote that it might come back to bite me but I thought Self had failed to make the adjustment and with momentum NC would run and gun with Kansas if that was the approach Self took. I did not see that ending well for the Jayhawks. Self made a good adjustment to keep center presence for NC to defend but open up the floor for his better scorers. I think NC showed some wear and tear of Duke game in later part of second half as well.

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