Question for the stat keepers

While walking the dog earlier, something dawned upon me from a Hogs Men’s athletics ranking standpoint. When was the last time the 3 major Men’s sports teams were all ranked in the AP Top 10 during a calendar year?

This doesn’t fully answer your question, but in the 1977-78 school year, the Football hogs finished in the Top 3 of the major polls. The. Basketball team went to the Final 4 and won the consolation game. The Baseball Hogs finished as runner up in the CWS.

All finished in the Top 5.


I would say 1978 football was ranked 3rd after our big win over Oklahoma and basketball the same after our win over Notre Dame. The basketball win was the last time that there was a 3rd place game at the final four. I still have the book published after the big Oklahoma win! Boy that does bring back memories! WPS!

Was that basketball game the one we won on a last second half court shot.
Not the one against Louisville but against ND.

That was my guess. I knew the BB Team had a Final 4 under Eddie, and Lou had the Orange Bowl upset win over OU around that time. I could not fully recall how Baseball was then, but my gut told me they were sniffing a CWS around then.

I was born in early Jan. 1980, so the answer to my question is “not once in my lifetime of 41yrs”.

2021 has been special to the Hogs! Basketball is definitely fun again. Baseball is always a top program with Van Horn. Now with Coach Sam Pittman at the helm, Football is definitely fun & back!

What a great time to be an Arkansas Razorback die hard fan and alumni! WPS!!!

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I thought it was Brewer Sr. with a jump shot from the top of the circle.

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There is no AP poll for baseball. Collegiate Baseball Newspaper was the only ranking available in the late 1970s, so that is where Arkansas’ No. 2 ranking came from in 1979.

The football team was No. 8 in the final regular-season poll in 1979. The basketball team finished fifth in the AP poll earlier that year.

I can’t imagine there are many — if any — other instances. In the last 30 years football was typically bad when basketball was good, and basketball was bad when football was good.

Yes, I do rememnber it was during the triplets time.

Baseball was not very good in 1978. Record was 31-13, did not make the NCAA tournament.

In the 78-79 school year, football finished 10th, basketball was in the Elite Eight and baseball finished second in Omaha.

It was and Brewer or Boot as we called him back in the day took the ball and ND never stopped him until he attempted final shot which was nothing but net!

The orange bowl game is my favorite win “that remember seeing”

Ron Brewer with a jumper from top of the key. I have it on my wall.

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