Question for the journalists here


Discussing only about “Sports Writing” and not mainstream media (which I am greatly disappointed with), I agree the response often mirrors the question and the quality of the question reflects upon the sportswriter.
If the sportswriter knows his subject, he can ask very insightful questions which inspire the athlete/coach often leading to great responses.
Which is why we’re so blessed to enjoy the brilliance of Clay and his superlative team.

UA…Campus of Champions

I got a chuckle. It was a question (for the journalists here) but it was answered by all. That’s actually good. Everyone is a journalist (not actually) with modern technology.


What I miss most, especially now with postseason baseball underway, is 1-on-1 conversations with players and coaches. Those are my favorite interviews and when I can get my best stuff to write.

What Zoom has kind of taught me – and I can thank Matt for stressing this – is to find other people to talk to for stories to get fresh quotes and information since everyone gets the same stuff on the Zoom calls. We want to bring you guys things that others don’t have. That’s the goal.


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