Question for the Insiders?

Several Freshmen seem to be doing well. Our RB, FB, WR, DLmen, and LB all seem ready to see some action. I’m most surprised by the WR, DLmen and LB since those positions seemed like team strengths. That bodes well as I take that as an absolute upgrade in talent. The one player that I thought we might here more about is the OL from Iowa. What’s his status?

Heinrich was working with the developmental group last week during the scrimmage, which is a good indication that he’ll redshirt. It’s a good thing when offensive linemen aren’t being asked to play right away. I think that’s the toughest position for freshmen.

How nice would it be to have Skipper and Kirkland as a redshirt juniors? They had no option, but to play them though.

I agree, good for Jake and the future of the o-line. Just makes me think that the others I mentioned, who weren’t 5 stars, really were.