Question for the football (soccer) fans

What are we thinking in the Euro semis? As someone who knows basically next to nothing about soccer, and rarely watch it, I always love watching the big international championships, especially World Cup, but the Euro championships are always exciting too. My very uneducated eye tells me England will win due in part to having home field advantage, but the other match is two heavyweights, one (Italy) would be old school like Notre Dame, the other a more recent power (Spain). They would be Clemson in this college football comparison. I think Italy is going to be tough to beat.

Italy has looked very good in this tournament. I thought the Italy-Belgium quarterfinal matchup would probably produce the tournament champ and Italy dominated. Denmark is the outsider but are riding the wave of emotion after the near-miss of Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest. England is at home but has a history of, well, choking in big matches. It wouldn’t shock me if any of the four won, but I think it will be the Azzurri.

Italy survived Spain, winning the PK shootout 4-2 after it was 1-1 in 120 minutes. So the Azzurri are in the final against the England-Denmark winner.

They’re allowing much larger crowds in London than they have been in the other locations. Wembley looked 3/4 full. Sure does make for better atmosphere than a mostly empty stadium

They said they were allowing up to 75% of capacity; Wembley’s capacity is 90K.

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