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I was wondering what everyone thinks would have happened if the refs had made the right call and we ran out the clock and won the game. What would Auburn fans be saying today? Would they blame the refs (not sure how but you never know) or would they be blaming Bo, Gus, and Chad? Just curious.

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I think they would be blaming a bad decision by the QB, and the lack of practicing snaps from under center.

I think they would blame Gus and Chad. They are ready to see both move away.


Wouldn’t change a thing how Auburn fans feel. Want Gus and Chad gone.
They been saying they lost the game. Only won due to bad call by the refs.

Marty is right. I know a lot of AU fans (my wife’s side of the family) and they are ready for Gus to go, and didn’t like the hiring of Chad. Plus they really weren’t that happy with their victory on Saturday!

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Auburn is like Bama Fans in Football and Kentucky fans is basketball - If they loose the game was stolen from them

But in this case - Aubirn fans would be ready to fire Gus and Morris - so this win over Arkansas is double pain for them - I think - They got a team that is struggling and they got a unempressive tainted win that derides thier ability and they have to Keep Gus

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They already blame Gus and Chad. They don’t believe they’ll win another game. They are ready to get a new coaching staff.

Matt, I hate to tell you but they would be all over Gus even more than they already are.

Why do you think I care what their opinion of him is?

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Oh, I guess I’m just naive. :roll_eyes:

You’re persistent. Since you like to beat this drum once every six months or so, I’ll just repost what I told you the last time you came at me with this Malzahn nonsense:

I don’t know Gus Malzahn. I never covered him. I have never met him. To insinuate that I have some sort of bias in favor of him is sorely misguided.

Touchy, touchy.

When it comes to questioning integrity, I hope every reporter is touchy.

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You seem to have more integrity than most if the rest, and I respect the heck out of most of the local media. (You probably have more integrity me as well :sunglasses:). I respect the takes of all the insiders on this site.

The subject of Gus Malzahn is a whole different animal. I’ll never figure it out as long as I live.

I’ll leave it at that.

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