Question for the board?

Is there something that Gus did to make people not like him I’m the state? Was it something he did when he was a citizen around Northwest Arkansas, because I’m trying to figure out why is there so much bad talk on the guy?

He wasn’t “loyal” is the common thing I get, or he is a “jerk”.

No reason for me to not like him. I’ve never met him, so he may not be a jerk, or he may be. Frankly I don’t care.

Loyal? Who does he owe his loyalty to?

Seems that folks got mad when the Nutt drama began and he left to better his career, can’t blame him.

There was plenty of blame to go around for the mess on the UA staff in 2006. And some of it lies squarely on Arthur Gustavo Malzahn III. If he didn’t directly stab HDN in the back, and there is considerable evidence that he did, he stood back and let the Shiloh Mafia do it for him, possibly at his request. Meanwhile while twisting the knife in Nutt’s ribcage, he was pretending to be the pious, dedicated coach keeping himself above all of the shenanigans going on around him. Which is why I call him Saint Gus.

Hugh Freeze number two.

Most of those who don’t like him blame him for his role in the 2006 season with his backers forcing him into the equation and pressuring HDN, Coach Broyles and other administration figures into talking him.

Plus his supporters - as did HDN’s - worked behind the scenes to basically put what is now called fake news out.

Coach Malzahn - who was actually born in Texas but moved to Arkansas with his mother when his parents split up, has a personality, aura and demeanor that excites some people and wears on others.

Thanks, I was just trying to find some kind of answer

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thats unfair

since the news came out about a week ago that long was gone, and malzahn talk started to pick up steam, the one word i have heard over and over again from people high up in the donation department, was divisive. i don’t know the man, have never met him, i just remember what a fiasco it was when he was forced on the nutt staff. i have no clue as to who was to blame or what really happened, however I’m sure there was culpability on both sides of the aisle so to speak. the malzahn mafia is a very powerful body of high profile and well heeled people from the northwest part of the state. most here in little rock that i know are skeptical yet noncommittal of him as possibly our future coach. they do not want a total malzahn regime from the top down, from athletic dept to the foundation. another comment i have heard is i cannot believe the foundation would let that happen, meaning let malzahn be hired as our coach. apparently there are those that he possibly rubbed the wrong way. they are afraid of what it might do to the program in the long run. he starts winning as he does at Auburn and i am positive most will look the other way, but that is until or if the bottom might fall out like is has currently with our football program and athletic department. then those that harbor ill will towards him will come out in force, you can count on that. but once again, divisive is the work i hear over and over. i have no clue. me personally, i just want to be respectful in the SEC and win more often than not. getting beat is one thing, getting routed is another. i know we aren’t going to be the next alabama, but i also know we can be much better than we are right now.

A lot of people want to just talk about the Nutt fiasco (and both of them and their cohorts were all to blame) but Malzahn has been divisive everywhere he has been.

Big ego disguised with fake humility that many ppl eat up. Rhett Lashlee even left him. Think about that.

He went to three different colleges - UA, OBU, and HSU. He didn’t fit in anywhere.

We know of the controversy in his one year at UA (as Coach).

He didn’t get along with the Head Coach at Tulsa.

He alienated many at ASU - he gets no love from their boosters.

He’s had lot of turnover of coaches at Auburn.

We don’t need him back on the hill.

Could Rhett Lashlee be a candidate? Not suggesting he should be…

Something stinks, and the closer
we get the worse it smells.